Cuff links handmade from an Amethyst geode.

$490.00 incl GST

Product Reference: 7505

The geode has been cut in half to reveal the growth inside a volcanic void.  Amethyst is the most prized form of Quartz where Iron has replaced some of the Silica in the Quartz to give us the colour purple.  This geode is a perfect size for cufflinks.  Some Amethyst geode can be taller than a basketball player!  Brazil and Uruguay are where the amethyst geodes are most abundant.  I have even been down, actually walked into the Danialo Mine, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil

Some people believe that Amethyst is calming, reduces anxiety, repels negativity and creates a positive environment.  We could all do with more of that at present.

Truly unique and beautiful cufflinks

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