About us

Imogene Fine & Antique Jewellery will solve all your jewellery needs and desires.  What do we do? Simply put if it has to do with jewellery we do it!

  • Custom made engagement rings
  • Vintage engagement rings
  • Antique evgagement rings
  • Custom made jewellery
  • Repair jewellery
  • Design jewellery
  • Remodel your old jewellery
  • Pearl and bead restringing

  • Gift certificates
  • Gift wrap
  • Sell online and ship worldwide
  • Complimentary jewellery cleaning
  • Sell and buy antique, vintage and contemporary jewellery
  • Teach classes on antique jewellery
  • Appraise and value all types of fine jewellery

Imogene Fine & Antique Jewellery is a family business, with two generations providing a wealth of experience and expertise.  Both generations are qualified practising gemmologists, diamond technologists and one is a practising registered jewellery valuer. That means we really know what we are looking at when buying and selling all types of gems and jewellery. There is only one surviving generation now.

Imogene is a favourite name of my mother Beatrice who started the business in 1980.

Imogene has a large and varied stock. While our quality is always exemplary, prices are wonderfully varied from $20 for new silver and amber pieces from the Baltic to pieces with fabulous diamonds and South Sea Pearls. Unusual antique treasures, Art Nouveau and Art Deco statements complement smart 1930’s 40’s and 50’s rings. Whatever your heart desires we either have in stock or will find for you. Price is always important to the astute investor; we ensure value for money. That is part of the reason all our clients keep coming back!

When sensitive restoration and repair of your precious jewellery is essential it cannot be left to the inexperienced. Avoid anxiety and possible disasters by coming to Imogene.  Experience counts, whether it is a complex redesigning and remodelling of Mother’s diamond brooch, or simply the restringing of pearls, cleaning of a watch or resizing a ring.  Nearly anything passe can becoming new and exciting again.

Imogene now resides in the magnificent Manchester Unity Building in the centre of Melbourne CBD. In this pleasant and intimate Art Deco boutique I now have manufacturing jewellers on hand.

Kathryn Wyatt has been an Antique Dealer and Gemmologist for over 30 years and is now a recognised specialist in Antique and Vintage jewellery. Kathryn delivers the “Introduction to Antique Jewellery” course and has lectured at several GAA conferences. Kathryn often lectures at other organisations and does “Antique roadshows”.

Kathryn started out as medical scientist in pathology laboratories. However, when her mother needed help in her business, Kathryn swapped careers and dived into gemmology. Never having to look elsewhere for inspiration to learn something new. “Gemmology is an ever-evolving journey where you never stop learning as gemmology is ever changing”.

Necessary experience in antique and vintage jewels was gained while traveling extensively overseas every year sourcing pieces for the business as Australia is not bountiful in antique and vintage jewellery. Amongst her passions are pearls, which finds Kathryn visiting many pearl farms and taking her husband on gem mine tours around the world.
Kathryn has been the GAA Federal Publicity Officer since 2002, is past Victorian President and on GAA Victorian council since 1992 with a couple of years off for good behaviour. Kathryn has also has been on the Jewellers Association of Australia Victorian board and currently is the President for NCJV (National Council of Jewellery Valuers) Victoria.

Kathryn is the owner of Imogene, Antique and Contemporary Jewellery, a second-generation business.

Member of the:
Honorary Life Member of the Gemmological Association of Australia
Australian Art and Antique Dealers Association
Victorian Antique Dealers Guild
Gold and Silversmith Guild of Australia
Confédération Internationale des Négociants en œuvres d’art (CINOA)
National Council of Jewellery Valuers
Association for the Study of Jewelry & Related Arts
The Society of Jewellery Historians