A beautiful Victorian Star Ruby solitaire

$2,200.00 incl GST

Product Reference: 7426

An antique Victorian dress ring in 15ct yellow gold set with a Star Ruby.  The round star ruby is cut en cabochon weighing 3.90cts and is of raspberry hue.  The band tapers from 5.5mm to 3.1mm.  Ring size N.  15ct gold was only made between 1854 and 1932 in Australia and England.

An Indpendant Valuation for Insurance is availbel upon request.

What is a Star Ruby you ask?    The International Coloured Gemstone Association explains it best.  www.gemstone.com

Some rubies display a wonderful silky shine, the so-called 'silk' of the ruby. This phenomenon is caused by very fine needles of rutile. And now and then one of the rare star rubies is found. Here too, the mineral rutile is involved: having formed a star-shaped deposit within the ruby, it causes a captivating light effect known by the experts as asterism. If rubies of this kind are cut as half-dome shaped cabochons, the result is a six-spoked star which seems to glide magically across the surface of the stone when the latter is moved. Star rubies are precious rarities.

Their value depends on the beauty and attractiveness of the colour and, though only to a lesser extent, on their transparency. Fine star rubies, however, should always display rays which are fully formed all the way to the imaginary horizontal line which runs through the middle of the stone, and the star itself should be situated right in the centre.

Better pictures coming soon to show the star in the Ruby.

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