A 1930’s style Diamond ring.

$1,875.00 incl GST

Product Reference: K7319

This ring is in the style of the 1930's.  It has a pierced setting on the sides of the gallery and is made of 18ct yellow and white gold.  The bezel set Princess cut diamond is a known weight of 28 points.  The shoulders have an illusion cuts to look like diamonds.  We know this is a style and not a period piece as Princess cut diamonds only came into existence in 1981.

A relative newcomer to the diamond universe, the princess cut was created in 1981 by Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itskowitz. GIA grading reports describe princess cut diamonds as square modified brilliants, distinguishing them from the step cut facet arrangements you find on other square diamonds like the Asscher cut. A princess cut diamond can also be rectangular or tapered. The princess cut is like an upside-down pyramid, with much of its weight in the pavilion, so the face-up appearance of the finished diamond may appear smaller than another diamond of a different shape but of similar carat weight. The number of facets and the faceting arrangement on the pavilion and crown can vary widely, creating a wide variety in scintillation, the combination of how much it sparkles and the pattern of the sparkle.


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