Fashionscapes: The Diamonds of Botswana

Fashionscapes: The Diamonds of Botswana

Fashionscapes, the documentary series exploring the fashion supply chain, presents its third instalment. Directed by Andrew Morgan, The Diamonds of Botswana follows Livia Firth as she learns first-hand about the impact of diamond mining in a country that has unearthed some of the worlds most precious stones.

The Fashionscapes films were created by Livia Firth, wife of actor Colin Firth, and co-founder and creative director of sustainability and communications consultancy Eco-Age. A screening of the film, which Firth created together with director Andrew Morgan, premiered in New York last week. (See the video at the end of this article.)

“Coming to Botswana, I was nervous that I would find the imbalance I have witnessed elsewhere,” said Firth, who presented the film and is also the associate producer. “When a single industry generates wealth and has disproportionate power, it can be very dangerous.”

In the third episode, called The Diamonds of Botswana, Firth visits the southern African nation to learn firsthand about the impact of diamond mining, and how the industry helps the country’s citizens and the planet. Firth speaks to various stakeholders that contribute to, and are impacted by, the diamond industry, including Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi; Boteti Mining managing director Naseem Lahri; and a female truck driver.

“Here in Botswana, I’ve seen a picture of what can happen when businesses operate in partnership with government and civil society, and where long-term investments are made in collaboration with local communities to ensure that the benefits are truly shared with those on the ground,” Firth added. “I came here to look at a single supply chain. I came away from Botswana wondering if this country represents something even bigger — a new vision for doing business, and if so, it is certainly something that needs to be protected with integrity and vigilance.”

Diamond have also transformed Botswana into one of the richest nations in Africa where the revenue from diamond mining and cutting diamonds is put back into the community to benefit all.  They add value to their diamonds by setting up world class diamond cutting factories before exporting them.

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